California (Deluxe Edition) [Album]


  • Loja: iTunes Store
  • Lançamento: 19 de Maio de 2017
  • Qualidade: iTunes Plus AAC M4A
  • Gênero(s): Rock
Lista dos arquivos:
Nº NomeArtista
1-01 Cynical blink-182
1-02 Bored To Death blink-182
1-03 She’s Out of Her Mind blink-182
1-04 Los Angeles blink-182
1-05 Sober blink-182
1-06 Built This Pool blink-182
1-07 No Future blink-182
1-08 Home Is Such a Lonely Place blink-182
1-09 Kings of the Weekend blink-182
1-10 Teenage Satellites blink-182
1-11 Left Alone blink-182
1-12 Rabbit Hole blink-182
1-13 San Diego blink-182
1-14 The Only Thing That Matters blink-182
1-15 California blink-182
1-16 Brohemian Rhapsody blink-182
2-01 Parking Lot blink-182
2-02 Misery blink-182
2-03 Good Old Days blink-182
2-04 Don’t Mean Anything blink-182
2-05 Hey I’m Sorry blink-182
2-06 Last Train Home blink-182
2-07 Wildfire blink-182
2-08 6/8 blink-182
2-09 Long Lost Feeling blink-182
2-10 Bottom of the Ocean blink-182
2-11 Can’t Get You More Pregnant blink-182
2-12 Bored To Death (Acoustic) blink-182
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